Cover Reveal!! MJ Schiller’s The Heart Teaches Best (Real Romance Collection)

I am really excited to be here today to reveal the cover for my new romantic suspene, THE HEART TEACHES BEST! Thank you for hosting me! I am blessed with a wonderful cover artist and I think this is my favorite cover so far.


From the Cover:

Cooper Sullivan is the cop in charge of investigating a murder outside of a Los Angeles night club. The famous romance author, Sydney Essex, has been found strangled in the parking lot. When the young officer returns to the scene of the crime the night after the murder, he gets involved in a fight in order to protect a woman, who he realizes afterward, is the victim’s sister. Soon he finds himself torn by his attraction to the irresistible blond teacher, and his need to maintain a professional distance.

Laney Essex is distraught over her sister’s death, so the high school English teacher returns to the bar where the crime occurred to find answers. To her dismay, she is only left with more questions, many centered on her developing relationship with Cooper Sullivan. Is the pull she’s feeling towards him reciprocated, or is the handsome detective only showing her professional courtesy, or, perhaps, even pity?

When Laney receives a threatening phone call from Sydney’s murderer, it quickly becomes evident that the man who killed her sister is after her, too! Can Cooper figure out who the killer is before it’s too late? And if he does solve the case, will it just be another file stamped “CLOSED” in red and locked away in a drawer, or will the sparks that have been flying between the two finally ignite?



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Launch News! Crimson Frost Books / Midnight Frost Books


Dear Readers,

Allow me the honor of welcoming you to Crimson Frost Books and Midnight Frost Books!

With the grand opening rapidly approaching, CFB/MFB hopes you’ll share in their excitement for the upcoming events. We’re spotlighting our authors, staff and the books within the next few days on our blog as well as author’s blogs. So sit back, grab a cup of Joe, a glass of wine and enjoy the first of many books by talented authors. The owners/operators of CFB/MFB are:

Patricia Bates and Celeste Brammer – Publisher

Crimson Frost Books/Midnight Frost Books

and I’m happy to be part of their growing family of wonderful authors and great books!
Starting on today, Friday, August 23, 2013, their doors are going to be open for business! I’m so excited!! There’s going to be a facebook chat, (maybe a little partying!) on Saturday, August 24, 2013 to coincide with their launch. It would be nice if you could stop by and welcome them, and guess what? There’s going to be prizes!! Woohoo! I love prizes!!

So, I hope to see you there. You can join the party @

Please come by!

Lillie 🙂

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The Garnet Dagger by Andrea R. Cooper

Publisher: Crimson Romance

Pages: 202


From the Cover:

Forbidden to cross the Elvin barrier into human lands, Brock cannot sate his curiosity. Cursed by a vampyre bite that forces him to feed on the life-essence of others, he is unable to touch another without taking their life. Chained by prophesy, he must find a witch, pierce her heart, and draw her blood for his cure.

Celeste must escape the monks who have held her prisoner for years. Her magic has been kept dormant by her captors. An ancient powerful Warloc craves her powers. If he succeeds in devouring her magic, she and the world will die.

When Brock falls in love with Celeste before realizing her demise is his cure, will love triumph over his desire to be healed? Will he risk everything to save her from a Warloc, an oath breaker, who also wants her dead?

Sensuality Level: Sensual

My thoughts:

Brock is an Elvin with a liking for the human culture, curious creatures who capture his attention, and he’s not really sure why. Marriage to Liana will put an end to his human wanderings. On one of his trips, he comes across a human desperate for help with the forest is dying around him. Brock doesn’t want to stop, but feels he must offer help. When he does, he’s attack by the creature who isn’t human after all, but vampyre. Instead of taking Brock’s life as was the creature’s intention, Brock somehow manages to steal the vampyre’s essence, turning Brock into the Vaer, both the curse of his people and their savior. He’s banished from his land after accidentally taking Liana’s life. He must search for, find, and kill the witch foretold in the ancient prophecies or suffer banishment, the loss of his father, and the forest with all his people.

Celeste, a witch with healing powers attempts to help him, but is she the witch from the prophecies? And if she’s the prophecised witch, how come she stirs his heart? Can he kill her if he must?

The Garnet Dagger by Andrea R. Cooper is a paranormal romance filled with mystery of the Elvin way and magic. Brock doesn’t understand the prophecies until it’s too late, both for himself and Liana. Banished, he sets off to find the witch that can free him and his people. Celeste has been abused and used by the unholy monks, one in particular has a cruel streak, Father Morgan. When Brock ends up her cellmate, she saves him, but can he do the same for her? Or will he have to kill her, even as it breaks his heart?

The Garnet Dagger is told in the first person POV, from Brock’s perspective. It’s hard writing in the male perspective, but Ms. Cooper pulls it off. It’s even harder to write in the first person, everyone has their own style, but she manages to kept the story engaging. If you like stories that contain a bit of mysticism as well as a bit of romance, you’re going to enjoy The Garnet Dagger. Brock encounters hardship after hardship, yet, by the end of the story, he has the prophecy figured out and it’s not at all what you expected. An entertaining read from Ms. Cooper!

Five Star Read for this review!

I received this book for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.


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Author Interview: Danica Winters

Today on  the blog, I’d like to welcome Danica Winters!

Danica is a sister author with Crimson Romance!!

Welcome Danica!! It’s nice to have you here today!!

Thanks, Lillie, nice to be here!

Well, how about answering a few questions….(I promise, nothing to hard!)

1) How long have you been writing?

I have been writing for about five years.  I started in other genres and magazine articles, and then decided I needed the challenge of writing full length fiction.  My jump into Romance was, and has always been, what I wanted to write, but it took a bit of time to dismiss other’s opinions and follow the path my heart wanted me to travel.

2) How many balls do you juggle on a daily basis, and how do you manage to keep them all in the air (usually), (ball = work, writing, family, etc.)

I’m a very busy lady. I teach classes on writing. I have a busy Paranormal Romance blog ( ).  I try to work out each day (I like to bike). I have small children and, like most moms, I find they require most of my attention.  However, when they are asleep I hit my stride and try to make the most of my time.  I also have a full-time job working for a publishing house called Books To Go Now out of Seattle.  So when I’m not working, writing, or parenting I’m helping other authors in getting their titles the exposure they need.

3) What can you tell us about your release The Nymph’s Labyrinth? What I’m looking for is the story about how the story came to be, not just the blurb and what not. 😉

Back in the day (pre-family) I was a trained Archeologist.  This was my first passion!  I loved getting into a site, getting dirty, and finding artifacts which had been lost for hundreds or thousands of years.  I had the distinguished honor of working on the pit houses in British Columbia—and that experience helped to shape me.

From this experience (and my love of history and archeology) I knew I had to write the book that incorporated these loves and The Nymph’s Labyrinth was born.

In addition to my love of history I have always been interested in Greek Mythology (thanks to a grade-school teacher who shared his passion of the classics with a group of young heathens).

4) What is it about the paranormal romance genre that you like so much?

I love writing paranormal romance.  I find that it’s one of only a few genres in which your only limitation is your own imagination.  You don’t have to follow the laws of reality—you can make anything possible as long as your write it well.

5) Do you think you’ll move to another genre, and if yes, what to and when?

I have published a sweet contemporary romance and I do like writing within that genre.  If I have characters who need me to write within the genre, I would think about moving.  However, I find that most of the characters that find their ways into my mind are usually paranormal based.

I must add that my style of writing is similar to that of Charlaine Harris in the fact that it is ‘light’ paranormal—I write characters in everyday life who experience paranormal experiences.  My titles are closer to reality than Sci-fi.

Now for some fun stuff!!

6) Sweet or sour?


7) Chocolate or vanilla?

Chocolate—every time!

8) Any future projects?

I’m proud to say that I am under a multi-book contract with Crimson Romance.  The next book after The Nymph’s Labyrinth in the Nymph Series is entitled Montana Mustangs  and is set to be released May 6, 2013.  And I’m currently writing the third book in the series.

9) What is your biggest fear?

I have to admit I’m terrified of heights.  A couple of years ago I had the chance to go off-roading in Moab.  It was an experience that pushed me past my limits several times.  Whoever said the best way to get over a fear by facing it was a big fat liar.  LOL I am now more afraid of heights than ever.  🙂

What about you? What’s your biggest fear?

OMG!! I’d have to say… clowns… Ever since I watched Stephen Kings… “IT” and spiders, I really dislike spiders, and mice, anything that’s creepy and crawly… *shivers*

Now, can you tell us something about Nymph’s Labyrinth?

A world shrouded in mystery and intrigue, the Sisterhood of Epione must not be exposed.

A Shape-shifting nymph, Ariadne, is tasked with keeping the truth of her group’s existence and their ancient mysteries far out of reach of an American archeologist and his troublemaking son.  When forgotten and forbidden passions are awakened, Ariadne is forced to make a choice—fall in line and continue to be overrun and pushed down by the sisterhood, or follow her heart and put everyone’s lives in danger.

Can she have the man she loves or will the pressure and secrets of the past keep her from her heart’s desire?

About Danica Winters:

Danica Winters is a bestselling author who is known for writing award-winning books that grip readers with their ability to drive emotion through suspense and often a touch of magic. When she’s not working, she can be found in the wilds of Montana testing her patience while she tries to understand the allure of various crafts (quilting, pottery and painting are not her thing).  She always believes the cup is neither half full nor half empty, but it better be filled with wine.

Website | Blog | Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Goodreads | Twitter | Facebook |

Other Books by Danica Winters:

The Nymph’s Labyrinth

Love Under the Christmas Tree

A Christmas Miracle

The Vampire’s Hope

Curse of the Wolf

An Angel’s Justice

Coming Soon from Danica Winters (2013):

Montana Mustangs (May 6, 2013—Crimson Romance)

Montana Mustangs: Book 2 of the Nymph Series

A nymph: a woman with the ability to seduce at will, shift to protect, but cursed with the fate to have the man she falls in love with die a tragic death. As one of these ill-fated nymphs, Aura Montgarten has spent her lifetime drifting from one place to another hiding from love. Until she meets Dane.

When a body washes up on the shore of a rural Montana lake, police officer Dane Burke is faced with the task of finding the killer – even if it means he will be forced to put his life and heart at risk by working with a drifter. As the truth of Aura’s Mustang-shifting nymph ways are revealed, Dane learns exactly the amount of danger he and Aura are in, but can’t force himself to leave a case unsolved when the truth is just outside his grasp.

When the killer decides he needs to take another victim – Dane – Aura must choose between their forbidden love and her immortal life. Can there be life without love or is death her only choice?

Sensuality Level: Sensual

Winter Swans (Crimson Romance)

Just wanted to add a quick thank you for agreeing to host me on your blog. It is greatly appreciated!  Happy reading 🙂

-Danica Winters

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The Rebels by Elizabeth Lang – Page Turner Book Tours

Page Turner Book Tours Presents:

Page Turner Book Tours - Empire button Page Turner Book Tours - Rebels button

Today, I’d like to welcome fellow author, and darn good story teller to my blog! I’ve had the pleasure of reading her first book, The Empire, and I must say, it was a page turner!

Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 8.35.00 AM

Welcome Elizabeth!

Today, Elizabeth is going to share what it’s like to be an author…. (or how we keep the craziness away, lol). A round of applause for Elizabeth, please!!

Writer enters, pulls the laptop over while wincing at the discovery of a burp-spot from her niece, twin number two, on her shoulder. She sighs and decides that changing her top can wait, there is writing to be done and it’s long overdue. Flexing her fingers (well mentally anyway), she waits for her laptop to boot up while musing if anyone really flexes their fingers before typing, like the obligatory cackle of laughter from a villain before he embarks on his next nefarious deed. Maybe I can include it in the next Evil Overlord episode.

All right, back to the task at hand, writing another guest post.

Reading the instructions. “Or she can let one of her characters take over the post and talk about themselves and their story.” Hmmm.

That opens up a can of worms…

Sester, the (evil devilishly handsome, irritating endlessly entertaining) psychostrategist, who perpetually seems to be looking over the writer’s shoulder (virtually, of course), doesn’t say anything—which is troubling if you knew him.

Writer: All right, out with it. What’s in that devious mind of yours?

Sester (with ever so pained innocence): Moi?

Writer: I don’t see anyone else here.

Sester: You don’t really see me either. I’m in your mind.

Writer (smells fish): You know what I mean.

Sester (smirks, but in an endearing way that only he can manage, which makes you want to smack him and kiss him at the same time): I thought you could interview all of us.

Argus (big, muscular bounty hunter in leather jacket, comes in waving his big phaser pistol—and no, that is not a euphemism for something else—I did not add that last part. Sester stop playing with my laptop) Who did this?

Writer: Can you point that somewhere else? Or put it away?

Argus: Not until I found out who messed with my gun.

Writer: What’s wrong with it?

Argus: Someone added a STUN setting.

Writer: That’s a problem?

Argus: (looks at writer as if she’s crazy) It has a STUN SETTING.

Writer: You mean that you can’t kill anyone with it anymore?

Adrian: (has been listening at the door) That would be an enhancement rather than a design flaw.

Argus: You! You did this!

Adrian: I had some free time. No need to thank me.

Argus: Change it back. Now!

Adrian: I thought you would like the luxury of a less lethal option.

Writer: It’s Argus.

Adrian: Right. What was I thinking? You can still kill people. I haven’t removed that capability.

Argus: It’s the principle of the thing, PLUS you took my gun without telling me. People have died for less.

Adrian: My apologies. It will never happen again. (He goes back to his work, since, apparently, we’re now all in his lab, where all the action usually happens in my head.)

Argus: Well? Are you going to remove it?

Adrian: (Doesn’t even look up) No.

Argus: (aims gun at him) You will remove it now.

Adrian: I’m busy.

Argus: (squeezes the trigger…but nothing happens)

Adrian: I may have neglected to inform you of another important enhancement.

Writer: Can we please get back to the main topic?

Sester: Which was?

Writer: Uh…I forgot.

So ends another conversation in the writer’s head. I hope it was entertaining in a wacky kind of way. Only a writer can have conversations like this with imaginary people, and not be locked up. At least, not yet.

Thanks Elizabeth!

Wow! I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did! But, the fun isn’t over yet. Elizabeth and Page Turner Book Tours are also running a contest, and guess what? It’s for a Kobo Mini!! If you’d like to enter, click this link! And remember to pick up the book, most excellent reading!

Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 8.33.24 AM


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Crimson Romance Release Date 3/18/13


To Read More, Click HERE

To pre-order on Amazon, Clck HERE

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February 7, 2013 · 12:42 am

Crimson Romance’s New Author, Me!

I shared my news on facebook after I signed my contract, but I’m sharing it here too! Crimson Romance accepted one of my submissions and I couldn’t be more excited!! Squee!

If you’re a reader, looking for your next fantastic read, come on over and take a peek here!
And, if you’re an author with a finished manuscript, begging to be loved, they’re accepting submissions here. I’d love to welcome you to the Crimson Romance family!

Oh, and they have a great reader’s blog right here.

I hope I see you all there soon! You’ll be able to find me shortly under my pen name, Lillie J. Roberts.

Talk to you soon!

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